Discourse Made Our Forums Great Again

A screenshot of our discourse forums

The subdomain to access the forums has changed from community.ioquake.org to discourse.ioquake.org. Please update your bookmarks and note that you might see some error messages in your browser during the transition if you visit the old URL. We’re still working out the best method to redirect old traffic to the new site.

Here’s why:

Back in 2013 we moved our forums to the new open source forum software on the block, Discourse.

It has been easier to maintain these forums than our old ones which used phpbb 3. With phpbb we got so much spam that we had to routinely shut down registration, manually approve users, and resort to bringing new moderators on board to team up for spam account deletion parties.

With Discourse, we get so much less spam, practically none in the almost 3 years since we switched.

Discourse forums are also much easier to read on modern browsers and mobile devices. It’s a flat design that doesn’t overwhelm new users with categories at first glance. Replies can be in the topic or you can create a new topic if you don’t want to derail the current one. Topics update in real-time so you are less likely to post the same thing as somebody else. Replies to an individual post can be read without losing your place in the topic.

The news today is that we’re in the process of moving from our self-hosted installation to Discourse’s official hosting. It took just a few moments to pull the levers to upload our backup from the old forums and switch. The forums should be more reliable, faster to access, and despite the transition we have retained all of the posts on the forums since we moved to Discourse in 2013. We are extremely thankful to the Discourse team for providing this service to our project as well as other open source projects.

If you have any questions, issues, or just want to chat post to the forum or feel free to email me directly zachary@ioquake.org. We’re also on twitter where you can ping me or the ioquake3 project.

ioquake3 hosting fundraiser

Update: We’ve met our goal, the drive has ended. Thank you again for all your help!

Donations are required for ioquake3’s hosting to continue every two years. Next month, ioquake3’s hosting bill comes due. Fortunately it is only due once every two years which means that requests for donations will be infrequent.

Thank you for your support.

HTTP/FTP Download Redirection

Tony J. White and company did an excellent piece of work, and now server admins can enable HTTP/FTP download redirection (fast downloads!) in their servers with ioquake3! This won’t be in the first release, early adopters can follow the build-from-source instructions to get it. More information resides in the README. Thanks Tony!

OS X Universal!

We’re pleased to announce that Tony J. White has been kind enough to go the distance in making ioquake3 a Universal Binary, so now you can play safely on your Intel Macs too. When we finally get a release out the door, his work will allow us to make sure we’re Intel Mac compatible at day one.

All of your favorite games based off of ioquake3 will also be able to bring you a Universal Binary easily now as well.