Wiki content moving to website

Just a quick note to say that some content from our wiki is now available on our website. For example the Player’s Guide, SysAdmin Guide, and Get Involved. More is on the way.

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A New

Way back in the middle of 2019 the ioquake3 project ran into a security issue, 2020 was an almost complete tire fire and 2021 is… not great! Still, we are finally digging our way out of that mess and moving on. Some things are broken today, but the meta server remains operational and you can… Continue reading A New

Discourse Made Our Forums Great Again

The subdomain to access the forums has changed from to Please update your bookmarks and note that you might see some error messages in your browser during the transition if you visit the old URL. We’re still working out the best method to redirect old traffic to the new site. Here’s why: Back in… Continue reading Discourse Made Our Forums Great Again

ioquake3 hosting fundraiser

Update: We’ve met our goal, the drive has ended. Thank you again for all your help! Donations are required for ioquake3’s hosting to continue every two years. Next month, ioquake3’s hosting bill comes due. Fortunately it is only due once every two years which means that requests for donations will be infrequent. Thank you for… Continue reading ioquake3 hosting fundraiser

Check out the new wiki!

With the move to wordpress, and dreamhost, we’ve also added a Wiki, check it out!

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New Home!

Hey, we love, but now you can check us out via too!

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