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  • New Home!

    Hey, we love, but now you can check us out via too!

  • MP3 Support!

    Ogg Vorbis haters can now go to the Patches page, where they will find MP3 support available.

  • HTTP/FTP Download Redirection

    Tony J. White and company did an excellent piece of work, and now server admins can enable HTTP/FTP download redirection (fast downloads!) in their servers with ioquake3! This won’t be in the first release, early adopters can follow the build-from-source instructions to get it. More information resides in the README. Thanks Tony!

  • Name change. IRC Channel Move is now ioquake3 to prevent confusion. This means if you try to join on freenode, you’ll join #ioquake3 instead. If you haven’t joined the IRC Channel yet, hey, now is the time!

  • OS X Universal!

    We’re pleased to announce that Tony J. White has been kind enough to go the distance in making ioquake3 a Universal Binary, so now you can play safely on your Intel Macs too. When we finally get a release out the door, his work will allow us to make sure we’re Intel Mac compatible at…