New Games

ioquake3 is the perfect platform from which game authors can base their quake3-related projects. A few have already taken the plunge.


Reaction is an “Action-movie” type of game that seeks to replicate the gameplay of Action Quake 2.


q3osc is an interactive musical performance environment.


Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

This is Thilo’s reverse-engineered multiplayer only version of Star Trek Voyager Elite Force.


Smokin Guns

“With cordite in the air, splintered steel, shell casings and powder burns, there’s only one explanation…., Smokin’ Guns.”
Go back to the wild west and shoot some other dudes. This is a fantastic game for fans of Outlaws, Gun, Red Dead Revolver and more.


Aliens fight Humans in this FPS/RTS hybrid.


World of Padman

World of Padman is a colorful game with a comic-book style. It comes with 9 new weapons, several new game types and is ideal for a quick game.



ZEQ2-Lite is an open-sourced and mod expandable project based on a highly modified ioquake3 engine foundation and features many true-to-reference DBZ visuals and mechanics.


Q3 Rally is a racing game built originally as a mod for quake3, which has now gone standalone.

Monkeys Of Doom

A multi-platform cel-shaded first person shooter, has an Android port using Kwaak3.


Turtle Arena

A third person fighing game created by ZTurtleMan.

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