Legacy and M1 macOS ioquake3 support

macOS now has two kinds of Universal Binaries. The first were from the mid-2000’s when Apple started their transition from the PowerPC platform to Intel. The second are for Apple’s transition from Intel’s 64bit x86 platform to Apple’s in-house ARM-based Apple Silicon processors. If you visit our Downloads page you will now find two new kinds of test builds… Continue reading Legacy and M1 macOS ioquake3 support

Wiki content moving to website

Just a quick note to say that some content from our wiki is now available on our website. For example the Player’s Guide, SysAdmin Guide, and Get Involved. More is on the way.

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Idle Thumbs’ ioquake3 VOD

Since the sort-of demise of Idle Thumbs, notorious Phaedrus-enthusiast Nick Breckon has hijacked their Twitch account to play games online with a collection of international Tweens and Teens. This VOD is from Breckon’s ioquake3 session versus those Youths just this past Saturday.

A New ioquake3.org

Way back in the middle of 2019 the ioquake3 project ran into a security issue, 2020 was an almost complete tire fire and 2021 is… not great! Still, we are finally digging our way out of that mess and moving on. Some things are broken today, but the meta server remains operational and you can… Continue reading A New ioquake3.org

ioquake3 Security Notice 06/13/19: Test Builds Possibly Compromised

Update May 20, 2021: Test builds are available again See this news item for the update or continue reading to see the original news post from 2019. Summary: As an initial notice, I want to warn ioquake3 players and server operators that precompiled test builds downloaded from our website may have been compromised. Please do… Continue reading ioquake3 Security Notice 06/13/19: Test Builds Possibly Compromised

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Thank You, Zack Middleton (zturtleman)

Zack Middleton (zturtleman) announced that he’ll be leaving the project, and Quake 3 engine development in general, on October 10th, 2018: October 10th 2018 is the 10 year anniversary of when I started modding ioquake3. It was my third attempt at creating a Ninja Turtle fangame within a three year time period. I intend to… Continue reading Thank You, Zack Middleton (zturtleman)