a filthy old computer on a desk that has a few holiday relics around it.

Merry Quakemas!

The ioquake3 team has made a special treat for Quake 3 players so /connect xaero.ioquake3.org and tune into our Twitch channel or our YouTube channel (click the Live tab) for some fragging fun.

Update 12/26/2023: everything fun has to come to an end eventually, we’ll say goodbye to the stream soon! Tune in now for your last shot at fragging live on stream and if you had fun let us know, then we’ll be back next holiday season!

We’re hoping to keep the stream live through the holiday season, but the server at xaero.ioquake3.org should be up indefinitely. If you want to play with us download ioquake3 or another client and a copy of Quake 3.

Sometimes the stream may appear stuck, please join the server and it’ll get unstuck!

We’re an all-volunteer team so please contribute back if you can, lots of ways to do so here: https://ioquake3.org/help/get-involved/

I’ve written a bit about the behind-the-scenes for this project on a public patreon post here.