ioquake3 hosting fundraiser

Update: We’ve met our goal, the drive has ended. Thank you again for all your help!
Donations are required for ioquake3’s hosting to continue every two years. Next month, ioquake3’s hosting bill comes due. Fortunately it is only due once every two years which means that requests for donations will be infrequent.

Thank you for your support.


15 responses to “ioquake3 hosting fundraiser”

  1. Tried 3 times to donate, every time I received an error from paypal about “coming to their site from another”.
    Not so Rude

  2. say, it worked for me, Rudedog 😀 – firefox

  3. I found that I had to log into paypal first, THEN I could click the link and it would work. If I wasn’t logged into paypal first, it threw some error about website owner and encryption and blah blah blah.

  4. Sorry for any problems anyone has had with this button, I’m open to suggestions for donation widget replacements if (hopefully not) we ever need to do this again.

  5. Thanks for a wonderful job with!

  6. fabio Avatar

    What about moving to sourceforge or other similar sites?

  7. Moving to sourceforge is not an option, ioquake3 would have to give up all of the extra models and whatnot we host today due to our great deal with dreamhost.

  8. What about moving to Network Redux? They offer free hosting to open source projects….

  9. fabio Avatar

    Why dont you move to another hosting? that one is fucking really expensive, what you running? DEDICATED? or what? :O

  10. Sorry, it isn’t reasonable to move to another hosting solution at this time. I assure you that what we have is an excellent deal with dreamhost that offers up “unlimited” bandwidth and data. This comes in /really/ handy when we get slashdotted and we don’t become a burden to a free provider.
    We’ve got a bunch of fall-back plans with other folks incase we can’t raise the money but those all involve giving up the freedom and support we have now to do what is best for the project.
    Mainly the issue with free plans from friends or genuine providers is that you move to the bottom of the support ladder and if something breaks, you haven’t paid for it and can’t really expect anything.

  11. caedes Avatar

    392$ for 2 years means ~16$ per month – thats not too expensive for unlimited bandwidth and data and high quality hosting IMHO
    “I’m open to suggestions for donation widget replacements if (hopefully not) we ever need to do this again.”
    well i’d prefer something that doesn’t use flash. didn’t have any technical problems with it, though.

  12. caedes: yeah the widget using flash was the only option on the chip-in site, and the only reasonable donation widget I was aware of for a fundraiser style event with a goal.

  13. does punkbuster work ever never?

  14. zxykll: punkbuster is a closed-source project that we can’t support, sorry.