ioquake3 1.36 in the news!

Since the release of ioquake3 1.36 we’ve had a lot of attention from various sites and I thought it would be nice for people who only read ioquake3 to check out the reaction we’ve gotten in comments on some other places:

Slashdot was by far the leader in both legitimate comments, visits back to, and trolling. Of course in preparing a Slashdot post at around 1AM I made a huge blunder in attempting to make a joke about Quake Live, which is a great game and I encourage everyone to check out now that the queues have been eliminated.
ioquake3 was even featured around the 16:30 mark on the MODSonair video podcast:

MODSonair Episode 177 on Vimeo.
By far the best reaction was the decision of the Smoking Guns team to start experimenting with ioquake3 as you can see over at their site.
Yee haw!
A few people were confused about what Mumble is, for them I would suggest that they check out the comparison article over at TimeDoctor Dot Org.
The biggest issue ioquake3 faces with public reception is the problem of having content built-in for people to play that does not require the Quake 3 data.
Be assured that we’re working on this though we could really use your help in coming up with content under the creative commons license and game code under the GPL. Please get in touch with us or contact me directly (zachary [at] if you’re interested.