Test Builds Available Again

Head over to the downloads page to download a test build of ioquake3.

The test builds are very bare-bones but can be extracted over a regular installation of Quake 3: Arena’s data files and then launch the ioquake3 executable to use our updated software instead of id’s executable from 2005. You may see warnings from your operating system because the binaries have not been code-signed.

Please see our Player’s Guide for more help, and our Discourse web forum and Discord to talk to other people about any issues.

The downloads will improve over time as we get back to installers and eventually to auto-updating builds.

We want to thank Discord user Magic.Crazy who helped us with the docker configuration, they have requested donations be sent to the EFF.

Thank you also to Digital Ocean, icculus.org, and Nuclear Monster for helping us get downloads back up and running.

We are currently working on funding an M1 Mac for developer Tom Kidd to help bring ioquake3 to Apple Silicon. See this link to donate towards that M1 Mac.

Please see how you can get involved with the ioquake3 project here.


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