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Way back in the middle of 2019 the ioquake3 project ran into a security issue, 2020 was an almost complete tire fire and 2021 is… not great! Still, we are finally digging our way out of that mess and moving on. Some things are broken today, but the meta server remains operational and you can still access our source code at GitHub.

There are no downloads available on ioquake3.org today.

New posts will go up when features return (The wiki is notably offline at the moment.)

Cryptocurrency is still a scam, GitHub and Microsoft should drop their ICE and military contracts, Black Lives Matter.

Notable Replies

  1. Any estimate when ioquake3 builds will be available to download again?

  2. I wrote about these problems in the older linked post here. We also needed to move the web infrastructure to a VPS and make some other changes along with that.

    The issue wasn’t one of putting the ioquake3 game server into docker, the meta server is already containerized and there are options out there for Quake 3 servers to be contained. I am interested in containerizing the server myself, but the main target of ioquake3 is desktop users and they are the ones being impacted by the lack of downloads.

  3. You can grab a quick test build by logging into Github and downloading here (the download links give you a 404 if you’re logged out). This is not ideal and I’m going to get builds on our site as soon as possible.

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