Discourse Made Our Forums Great Again

The subdomain to access the forums has changed from community.ioquake.org to discourse.ioquake.org. Please update your bookmarks and note that you might see some error messages in your browser during the transition if you visit the old URL. We’re still working out the best method to redirect old traffic to the new site. Here’s why: Back in… Continue reading Discourse Made Our Forums Great Again

ioquake3 on OS X El Capitan & Windows 10

Two major updates have come to desktop and laptop computing recently. OS X 10.11 El Capitan and Windows 10. Big news for users of each platform, and we’re excited that ioquake3 continues to work with both platforms for players updated to the latest build. Check out our Players Guide and Sysadmin Guide, or just go… Continue reading ioquake3 on OS X El Capitan & Windows 10

ioquake3… in Docker?!

The folks from the open platform for building, shipping, and running distributed applications called Docker demonstrated a containerized version of ioquake3 at Dockercon. Not just the server, but also the client. Docker’s Arnaud “icecrime” Porterie even called ioquake3 “The best game ever” in their dockerfile description. I don’t think I could be more proud. They… Continue reading ioquake3… in Docker?!

ioquake3 updated to SDL 2

If you’ve been following along via github, twitter, facebook, and our new discourse-powered forums, you might have noticed that we’ve been working on updating ioquake3 to Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) version 2. SDL 2 is already in use in lots of games, and we’ve been using it internally for over a year now, which is… Continue reading ioquake3 updated to SDL 2

Test Builds are Back!

If you’ve been waiting to try out the latest features like the new renderer from our github, you don’t have to wait any longer. We’ve got our test builds page back online and updated with the latest builds from our continuous integration systems. These builds aren’t tested, but you can file bugs against them on… Continue reading Test Builds are Back!

Quake 3 Source Code Review by Fabian Sanglard

Fabian Sanglard: I was particularly impressed by : The virtual machines system and the associated toolchain that altogether account for 30% of the code released. Under this perspective idTech3 is a mini operating system providing system calls to three processes. The elegant network system based on snapshots and memory introspection. Check out his entire code review… Continue reading Quake 3 Source Code Review by Fabian Sanglard

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