ioquake3 1.36 Release Candidate 1!

It has been a long road, but ioquake3 1.36 is almost ready!
In order to release ioquake3 1.36 it would be most appreciated if you downloaded a zip file or tarball, compiled it for your system, and tested it! If you find any bugs, please search bugzilla, and then report them!
voipNot only that, but we finally have a list of the improvements that have gone into this release. Those improvements include:

  • Ports to new platforms
  • Off-server data downloads (http redirection) via HTTP and FTP with cURL
  • OpenAL sound rendering allowing for surround (5.1 and 7.1) speaker layouts and generally improved sound
    quality. Especially on the Windows Vista Operating System.
  • Ogg Vorbis audio decoding.
  • In-engine VOIP support, with optional Mumble player-location support.
  • IPV6 Networking. We’re ready to frag on the net of the future!
  • SDL backend for the OpenGL context, window management, and input. This also improves portability.
  • Anaglyph stereo rendering (for viewing with 3D glasses)
  • Full x86-64 architecture support
  • Rewritten PowerPC JIT compiler, with ppc64 support
  • Compilation with MinGW and cross-compilation for Windows for Linux
  • Improved console command auto-completion
  • Persistent console command history
  • Improved QVM (Quake Virtual Machine) tools
  • Colored terminal output on POSIX operating systems
  • GUID System
  • Multiuser support on Windows systems (user-specific game data is stored in their respective Application Data folders)
  • PNG format support for textures
  • Numerous security fixes

This post will be updated as installers become available. Until then, you can hit up the angst builds for the latest (untested) installers from SVN.
If you’re interested in following more updates with ioquake3, follow our twitter feed (yes, we’re that kind of hipster project), and please do digg/reddit/slashdot this post! Please!
Join us on our forums, mailing lists, irc, etc at the discussion page!
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Thanks again to everyone who has made this a spectacular release, current plans are to move to SDL 1.3 in the near future for SVN builds. What do you want to see in the future of ioquake3? 4-Player Split-Screen? Let us know in the comments!


9 responses to “ioquake3 1.36 Release Candidate 1!”

  1. Great job! I will look at it asap.

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  3. VoIP FTW.
    For the future: Let me play Wolf:ET with the iopquake3 engine.

  4. woot ! I can haz IPv6 xD
    love your work guys

  5. Mumble player-position support…
    I just can’t wait for Urban Terror to use it!
    Thank you all! Your work is amazing!

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  7. i go to try this file !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Snickersnack Avatar

    #What do you want to see in the future of ioquake3? 4-Player Split-Screen? Let us know in the comments!
    Improved joystick support who kick arse.
    Nice jobs guys!

  9. I would love to see 4 player split screen! Thanks for all the awesome work you guys have done. This looks like it is a great update.