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  • Help Wanted

    Last month I wrote about an important security update, and we were lucky that the news was spread far and wide but many players still didn’t see it. Even if they read the news, and they updated to the latest build of ioquake3, they wouldn’t have caught the follow-up security commits to the code repository unless they downloaded…

  • ioquake3 1.36 Release Candidate 1!

    It has been a long road, but ioquake3 1.36 is almost ready! In order to release ioquake3 1.36 it would be most appreciated if you downloaded a zip file or tarball, compiled it for your system, and tested it! If you find any bugs, please search bugzilla, and then report them! Not only that, but…

  • Mac OS X (Power PC) Fixes

    We’ve got a number of fixes in subversion for the JIT VM, thanks to Tony J White and Ryan “Spent Two Solid Hours Weed Whacking” Gordon in Bug 2519. This also solves all the major remaining code issues with regard to OS X. For the final issues check out Bug 2723.