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  • ioquake3 1.36 Release Candidate 1!

    It has been a long road, but ioquake3 1.36 is almost ready! In order to release ioquake3 1.36 it would be most appreciated if you downloaded a zip file or tarball, compiled it for your system, and tested it! If you find any bugs, please search bugzilla, and then report them! Not only that, but…

  • Updated Builds

    For a long time now, we haven’t released a new version of ioquake3. You’re probably wondering if we’re dead or not, then you see how we’re talking about VOIP, or IPV6, or stereoscopic rendering or whatever, and you want in on that action. For you, precious reader, we now have Angst Builds. Enjoy.

  • ioquake3 in Gentoo Updated

    If you emerge quake3 in Gentoo, you’ll now get ioquake3 1.34 rc2!

  • Tarball for packagers!

    If you want to go ahead and package rc2 for your operating system, unofficially (as in, not blessed by us), go ahead! tarbz2ball zip file. Note that the latest changes are still in the trunk of the project, not in this rc2 branch. So game developers should continue to use the trunk as they like.