Tarball for packagers!

If you want to go ahead and package rc2 for your operating system, unofficially (as in, not blessed by us), go ahead! tarbz2ball zip file. Note that the latest changes are still in the trunk of the project, not in this rc2 branch. So game developers should continue to use the trunk as they like.

Calling all testers! ioquake3 1.34 rc2!

Installers are getting updated for the second release candidate version. There is also a tag in SVN for developers. Check out the mailing list for more information. Subscribe to it via the above discussion link. All installer/binary/whatever downloads should be rc2 if they aren’t already. Please test them, and report back to bugzilla if you… Continue reading Calling all testers! ioquake3 1.34 rc2!

Mac OS X (Power PC) Fixes

We’ve got a number of fixes in subversion for the JIT VM, thanks to Tony J White and Ryan “Spent Two Solid Hours Weed Whacking” Gordon in Bug 2519. This also solves all the major remaining code issues with regard to OS X. For the final issues check out Bug 2723.

Help Wanted!

We’re really desperate for a Mac coder, especially one with access to Intel mac hardware as well. Right now we have some serious issues in our code path for the Mac, I suspect things will render more correctly on intel mac hardware, but can’t even verify that. Currently the main issue is that some shaders aren’t… Continue reading Help Wanted!

Quake 3 on icculus.org

Following id software‘s Quake 3 full source release, icculus.org is now hosting a Quake 3 project. This project is following the same goals as icculus.org Quake 2. We will accept changes as long as the gameplay stays the same, mod compatability is maintained by default, etc. Portability to new platforms and maintaining a stable codebase… Continue reading Quake 3 on icculus.org

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