Mailing List Move

Update 2: The mailing list move is complete, archives are fully available now. Update 1: The mailing list move is almost complete, archives remain to be moved because Dreamhost support isn’t done yet. But everyone who was subscribed should be resubscribed. Please refer to for all inquiries regarding the discussion list now. The Discussion… Continue reading Mailing List Move

Stereoscopic viewing in ioquake3

With all the 3D frenzy for home entertainment systems going on, ioquake3 did not want to fall behind, so as of the latest SVN revision ioquake3 officially supports rendering of stereoscopic images. Actually, we’re not quite sure whether this works for quad buffer based rendering methods for shutter glasses as we lack the hardware (can… Continue reading Stereoscopic viewing in ioquake3

ioquake3 now IPv6 capable

Finally, after the merger of the separate codepaths for different operating systems to use SDL, one of the longest outstanding bugs on our bugtracker could be resolved. The latest version in our subversion repository supports the upcoming internet protocol version 6 completely. New features include: client-server connections via IPv6 scanning for IPv6 servers on a… Continue reading ioquake3 now IPv6 capable

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Lamp, Sand, and ShackQuake Live

One of my favorite gaming communities has always been the Shacker community. Recently their “Visceral Monkey” started the “ShackQuakeLive” site for playing quake3 and related mods, go check it out and then join their server to kick some shacker asses. Their server is even set up for http downloading, one of my favorite ioquake3 features.… Continue reading Lamp, Sand, and ShackQuake Live

Raytracing ioquake3

Stephan Reiter wrote into the mailing list with this amazing news (both videos are embedded after the break): Hi everyone! I’ve been working on a raytracing library during the last few months. Last week I was able to integrate it into the ioquake3 source code. This allows for switching between traditional rasterization and raytracing using… Continue reading Raytracing ioquake3

About Compiling For Mac OS X

We have done quite a bit of work towards unraveling mysteries presented by the recent Xcode (2.5 and 3.0) and Mac OS X (10.5) releases. Here is the rundown of the current state of things. If you want maximum compatibility in the Universal Binary you create, your build system needs to meet the following criteria:… Continue reading About Compiling For Mac OS X

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Mac OS X 10.5 Support

With the World of Padman patch, Thilo has also updated ioquake3 SVN to compile on Mac OS X 10.5! Revision 1238 also adds dedicated server support for OS X.