Mac OS X 10.5 Support

With the World of Padman patch, Thilo has also updated ioquake3 SVN to compile on Mac OS X 10.5!
Revision 1238 also adds dedicated server support for OS X.


5 responses to “Mac OS X 10.5 Support”

  1. Does this mean you can play Urban Terror on a Mac? I have some friends who will be beside themselves with joy!

  2. This is not up to the ioquake3 team. The Urban Terror people must update their own fork “ioUrbanTerror” and release builds for the Mac.

  3. Really nice! Thanks all involved!
    « goes compiling »

  4. Is this only about ‘compiling’ on 10.5 or also running flawlessly on 10.5?
    Btw, nice work! I really appreciate it! 😀

  5. Death On Ice Avatar
    Death On Ice

    Please, god, please, get this to work with Tremulous soon.
    By god I mean Timbo / Tim Angus.