Help Wanted!

We’re really desperate for a Mac coder, especially one with access to Intel mac hardware as well. Right now we have some serious issues in our code path for the Mac, I suspect things will render more correctly on intel mac hardware, but can’t even verify that.
Currently the main issue is that some shaders aren’t animating correctly/at all, and the VM compiler isn’t functioning correctly. Also, while portals and mirrors render close up, mirrors at least are Hall of Mirroring if you’re at a distance (at least on my ibook).
Again, I expect that some of those issues may not even be present in an intel mac binary, which should be fairly easy to produce.
More progress reports here when we get them, I’m sorry to have to report that this delays the release I’ve wanted to do for some time.
If you or a friend can take a look at the code, please do and contact either myself, or more preferably use Bugzilla and the mailing list/irc channel/etc.