Updated Builds

For a long time now, we haven’t released a new version of ioquake3. You’re probably wondering if we’re dead or not, then you see how we’re talking about VOIP, or IPV6, or stereoscopic rendering or whatever, and you want in on that action.

For you, precious reader, we now have Angst Builds. Enjoy.

4 Replies to “Updated Builds”

  1. Ummm… I tried installing this 8 ways from sunday and it just keeps telling me I don’t have quake 3 installed, which of course I do. I wanted to try it out with Urban Terror. Urban Terror + mumble + my 3d shades would be THE WIN!

  2. Did you copy all of the .pak files for your baseq3 to the new baseq3?

    try the…you also need to copy the misson pack .pak files if you have team arena also

    hope this help you

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