Stereoscopic viewing in ioquake3

With all the 3D frenzy for home entertainment systems going on, ioquake3 did not want to fall behind, so as of the latest SVN revision ioquake3 officially supports rendering of stereoscopic images. Actually, we’re not quite sure whether this works for quad buffer based rendering methods for shutter glasses as we lack the hardware (can someone give us a heads-up on this? Any SGI fanboys here?), but rendering of anaglyph images definitely does.

You need to have red-cyan glasses to view these images in their full glory. As always, the cvars and switches needed to turn on this new functionality can be found in the changes to the README. I have also written up an extensive information page about the techniques behind stereo rendering on ioquake3’s wiki to get you going on stereoscopic ioquake3.

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  1. I have been trying to get the 3d glasses effect working, and I seem to be doing something wrong. Could i get some advice as to how to proceed? I added these entries to my cfg file. They are placed at the top of all the other seta r_* entries.

    seta r_anaglyphMode “2”
    seta r_stereoEnabled “0”
    seta r_zProj “256”
    seta r_stereoSeparation “64”

    I have tried using numerous non 0 values for anaglyph, as well as seting stereo to 1. Neither seem to yeild results.

  2. I own an IZ3D and have been trying to get this game to run in Quad Buffer because my monitor supports it. I’m using a ati 3870 on vista 32bit. Heck, the r_zProj , r_stereoEnabled, r_stereoSeparation all do not even show as valid cvars.

  3. Hi all!

    I have a GeForce 8800 GT (Drivers Version 181.20 Whql) / Windows XP 32bits

    I’m just like Emir and Gravity. I installed ioquake then I read the readme file and all the ioquake wiki page. In Quake 3 I tried every cvar commands in single player (standard mod), but ioquake said: they don’t exist (?!). So I tried to install the file from Zachary. This time the cvar works but I tried every settings, result: No 3D anaglyph appear… Nothing. Just a quake 3 still in 2D lol! What the heck, guys… O_o ?… What’s wrong ? I forgot to install or do something ?

    Can you help us, please ?
    We really need some help this time I think, we are lost :/


  4. I did the same like boby and no 3d anaglyph appeared….

    i have a GeForce 8600 GT and Windows XP 32bits

    someone should do something about this .. i rly want to see this work, or else please retreat it from the changing log …

  5. I own a Ubuntu 9.04 PC with a 512MB GeForce 8400GS.

    In OpenArena, which uses the ioQuake3 engine, while using the “r_anaglyphMode 1” cvar, my fps hovers from 9 – 15 FPS. Is there anyway to speed up the game without changing texture detail and screen resolution settings?

    I will say though, r_stereoseparation 10 is probably the best 3D effect at 1024×768 for me.

  6. now that i figured how to stereo enable ioquake3 i wonder if there is a way to see it in crosseyed view ? is there an command for that?

  7. This works with the iz3d monitor and their drivers
    in OpenGL options in the drivers enable quad buffer emulation and stereo
    then, in ioquake3 angst build console do
    r_anaglyphmode 0
    r_stereoenabled 1
    r_fullscreen 0

    then you can tweak the other settings as normal

  8. I’ve had no luck with this either sadly, but I found a workaround that doesn’t use ioQuake’s 3D at all, but still gives me 3D in ioQuake!
    What could I possibly mean? See here:
    The iZ3D drivers are free in anaglyph mode, and GLDirect is open-source and free too.

    Please note that the game is a little less responsive when the graphics go via these other drivers, so if you can get the above working, do that instead! If you can’t – well then like me at least you have one solution.

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