Relnav’s Quake 3 Announcement


San Francisco, CA – After over four and a half years of serving the Quake 3 community, the developers have behind ioquake3 have decided to make some changes. Citing the need to keep with the future and keep up with the community’s demands, the ioquake3 team has teamed up with Relnav of the Relnav’s Quake 2 project. With this, several changes will be made:

  • ioquake3 will be renamed to Relnav’s Quake 3
  • The principal development platform will be Windows 7 and Direct3D 11
  • Legacy suport for Mac OS X and Linux will be provided by the WINE emulation software project.
  • The multiplayer subsystem has been rewritten and a new, written-from-scratch, anti-cheat system has been created.

The first release of Relnav’s Quake 3 will be made available in the next few days. Due to the anti-cheat system, source-code releases have been suspended for the forseeable future.
We’ve already provided a few mod teams with a prerelease version of Relnav’s Quake 3, and we’re excited to see what people can do with it.
One particularly promising mod team has created a mod in the Goldeneye: 007 style but using the CSI: Miami universe! It is really quite amazing.
The Relnav’s Quake 3 team thanks you for your continued support and looks forward to the next five years!


12 responses to “Relnav’s Quake 3 Announcement”

  1. theoddone33 Avatar

    Wow I can’t believe this is actually happening. Relnav’s Quake 2 was my favorite Linux game for years. I think he can finally do what even Jon Carmak couldn’t do and turn Quake 3 into a game that is as good as quake 2. I just wish it would be open source I’m sure it would be too except for all the damn cheaters lol! This will be extra good with wine too at first I thought that was crap but then I played civilization and everquest with wine and I realize that it can handle the high demands of modern games I’m sure relnav’s quake 3 will run even better than ioquake3 does now with these changes. keep up the good work, my only question is when will we see relnav’s duke nukem?? lol!

  2. Linux support with wine? Meeh…

  3. JadenKorn Avatar

    So that means it will support all the features that Windows 7 is actually consists.. Direct3D 11, DirectWrite, DIrectCompute, Direct2D, DXVA-HD, WARP, not to mention multi-touch capability. A very great deal indeed, I can’t wait to see it happening!

  4. Thomas Avatar

    Hahaha, best april fools joke I’ve seen today 😛

  5. 8bitprodigy Avatar

    haha, i guess this is how tremulous will run on the xbox!

  6. this better be a joke goddamn! that sounds horrible.
    btw can we get an updated version iourbanterror any time soon? that would be good.

  7. Yes it was an april fools joke. To answer your other question; ioquake3 has nothing to do with iourbanterror or their release schedule.

  8. k4l1br3 Avatar

    OMG Windows 7, directx and all that stuff, nice but, how much for those license to compile the code? best wishes for your new projects, I don’t really know what you’re going to go after now, but I think that the original Quake 3 GPL project ended here. honestly, each step looked worse, first it were the move to the portable SDL routines that everybody hated and that was the reason of the Rocket Arena 3 v1.8 failure for example, and now that this was fixed with the new SDL 1.2.14 and the new routines from qlive this new movement, I’m sure it will definitively kill all the scene.
    well, I will go backing up all the relevant branches versions of the code rigth now however, I would like to request from here that you leave the current original svn up as is now for compatibility with old projects, because it’s really usefull, I (and I think that many of us) would really appreciate that. thanks in advance

  9. It's a joke Avatar
    It’s a joke

    It’s a joke — Relnav hasn’t done anything useful, like, ever.

  10. My Linux gaming world came crashing down there for about 30 seconds until I realised it was An April Fool’s joke. You had me, briefly. Good one…..but don’t do it again! B*stards!

  11. CyberConan Avatar

    Ok, if ioquake 1.36 is the last 100% linux version then I’ll use this forever. Thanks for all!!

  12. who the fuck is relnav anyway?