ioquake3 updated to SDL 2

If you’ve been following along via github, twitter, facebook, and our new discourse-powered forums, you might have noticed that we’ve been working on updating ioquake3 to Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) version 2. SDL 2 is already in use in lots of games, and we’ve been using it internally for over a year now, which is why we felt that it was finally appropriate to bid farewell to SDL 1.2.
The SDL upgrade won’t make a huge difference to the experience of playing Quake 3 and the assorted games that have been built with this engine, but if you’ve got a copy of Q3A please try out the new test builds. Your testing will give us a chance to see if everything checks out OK on more systems than the ones we have access to.
Once in-game you can /connect to our new test server at
Please report any issues you find with the test builds on the forums, in IRC, or on bugzilla.


2 responses to “ioquake3 updated to SDL 2”

  1. The links to both the windows builds (x86 and x86_64) are both 404 not found.

  2. Timbo just pushed an update to include the SDL2 library in the test builds, before which you would have had to download it manually. The downloads will fix themselves in a moment after the rebuild completes.