Turtle Arena 0.6 Released!

Boasting better than HD graphics, the Turtle Arena team have released version 0.6 of their Turtle-Powered video game. Here’s what’s new: Four player splitscreen! The turtles now have tails, like in the original TMNT comics. Added cel-shading to many 3D models (code from ZEQ2-lite) Remade many images at higher resolution (most or all UI/HUD graphics… Continue reading Turtle Arena 0.6 Released!

Reaction Beta 1

The first beta standalone release of Reaction, an ioquake3-based Action Quake 2-styled game is now available. Previously, Reaction required a full install of Quake 3: Arena to play. If you’ve never played Action Quake 2, you should know that it was in the style of your favorite realistic action movies. Guns akimbo, headshots, ridiculous trick… Continue reading Reaction Beta 1