Month: June 2008

  • Final Burst of VoIP Stuff from Ryan “Icculus” Gordon

    In a recent message to the IOQuake 3 Mailing List, Ryan C. Gordon (a.ka. Icculus, famous for helping port many popular games to Linux/Alternative OSes) mentioned that he submitted his final patches towards VOiP on IOQuake3. He was the one to first submit the patches for VOiP suport on IOQuake3. Maintaining compatibility with the vanilla…

  • New ioquake3 Icon Set

    Jay Weisskopf from the Mailing List just showed us some of his latest work. A beautiful set of ioquake3 Icons. We might even use them! He also submitted an icon of this image which we should definitely use as the website favicon.  Check them out, nice job Jay!

  • Updated Builds

    For a long time now, we haven’t released a new version of ioquake3. You’re probably wondering if we’re dead or not, then you see how we’re talking about VOIP, or IPV6, or stereoscopic rendering or whatever, and you want in on that action. For you, precious reader, we now have Angst Builds. Enjoy.

  • Interview with Robert Hamilton, Creator of q3osc

    As a follow up to this article about the excellent q3osc musical environment built using ioquake3 I had a quick sit down with Robert Hamilton and talked about q3osc, ioq3 and everything in between. If you haven’t heard of q3osc this will make for some great reading, after the break