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Posted on April 1st, 2009 by TimeDoctor

Effectively immediately ioquake3 will be dropping the established rendering path of OpenGL and moving directly into the future of gaming, rendering through a text editor. We realize this decision may come as shocking to some, but with increased competition from browser-based games like id software’s Quake Live, we must compete on a whole new level.

So, I have started by creating an SVN branch for the new rendering conduit and all support for OpenGL rendering will be dropped along with LibSDL support. We’re especially happy about dropping LibSDL support since we realize that everyone who has used our LibSDL version of Icculus Quake has hated the mouse responsiveness and the way it inserts DRM into the rendering channel. Eliminating that kind of drama will really set the project free.

Therefor, I present to you, the gaming public, and screaming Icculus Quake 3 fanboys, VI-OQUAKE3:

(screen shot after the break)


11 Responses to “vi-oquake3”

  1. Moitah Says:

    Spotted :-)

    I’m retwitting this !

  2. Romano Says:

    I know it’s just an April Fools joke, but the idea doesn’t look as stupid as it seem (at least for me). I don’t know how smooth would be the gameplay, but playing q3, without 3D gfx acceleration, better than that, no 3D gfx at all, would be very cool 馃榾 All those old MUD games could hide in shame when compared to this 馃槈 Really, the only thing that doesn’t look too convincing in this screenshot is that text is unreadable 馃槢 Simplifying a few things would let the hud look more readable. The rest looks just sweet :)
    This idea (even as a joke) isn’t really that stupid, especially compared to a Quake2 engine modification known as “Quake II AbSIRD” (should be “Quake II AbSURD” ;P ), which is totally unplayable, cuz no matter how hard I try, I can’t see a damn thing 馃槢

  3. DoubleD Says:

    HA-HA! Good one! 馃榾

  4. Hank Says:

    That is awesome. I’m going to tell all my friends. Hang on. Let me find my glasses.

  5. Doug Says:

    You’re making a huge mistake supporint rendering in vi. Emacs is clearly the superior rendering engine. And NO UNICODE! Keep it straight ASCII or you’re be hearing from me on Slashdot.

  6. GamesAjare » VI-OQUAKE3 Says:

    […] Aqu铆 tenemos el futuro de los videojuegos en el navegador, o no y adem谩s tampoco. Gracias a la liberaci贸n del c贸digo del motor de Quake 3 Arena la comunidad ha ido realizado con suma facilidad modificaciones y nuevos juegos, o como en el tema que nos ocupa ahora, una versi贸n totalmente ajare de Quake 3 Arena renderizado unicamente con texto, a base de caracteres vamos. Vamos, esto se tiene que mover en PC麓s ultramodestos a las mil maravillas. Aunque quiz谩s, probablemente haya que entornar demasiado los ojillos para poder adivinar exactamente que es lo que tenemos delante… y no se yo si alguna visitilla al oculista si abusamos de ello. Renderizado en vi, como dir铆an los gafap谩sticos, con todo el respeto. […]

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  9. b4283 Says:

    Wow, would really like to play it, when it is going to be available? :DD

  10. Pablo Says:

    It looks good. However, a SDL software render (like the quake2’s one) is a better idea.

  11. Cacho Says:

    Why vi-oquake3? Its common sense that could run faster as emacs-ioquake3… 馃槈

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