Quake 3 Source Code Review by Fabian Sanglard

Fabian Sanglard: I was particularly impressed by : The virtual machines system and the associated toolchain that altogether account for 30% of the code released. Under this perspective idTech3 is a mini operating system providing system calls to three processes. The elegant network system based on snapshots and memory introspection. Check out his entire code review… Continue reading Quake 3 Source Code Review by Fabian Sanglard

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CVE-2012-3345 symlink attack in ioquake3 >= r1773

Background ==========   ioquake3 [IOQ] is a fork of the Quake III Arena (id Tech 3) game engine, and has become the de facto upstream for that engine since id Software ceased to develop it. It is also used (unmodified, modified or forked) in various open-source and proprietary games including OpenArena [OA], Reaction [REA], Smokin’… Continue reading CVE-2012-3345 symlink attack in ioquake3 >= r1773

Calling all content creators!

Work has started on “baseio“, a project to create a small game to include with the ioquake3 engine download with Creative Commons licensed content. Work has already been started on textures, weapon models, and a player model, but there is still much to be done. Animations, mapping, and audio are most needed, but if there’s anything… Continue reading Calling all content creators!

Turtle Arena 0.6 Released!

Boasting better than HD graphics, the Turtle Arena team have released version 0.6 of their Turtle-Powered video game. Here’s what’s new: Four player splitscreen! The turtles now have tails, like in the original TMNT comics. Added cel-shading to many 3D models (code from ZEQ2-lite) Remade many images at higher resolution (most or all UI/HUD graphics… Continue reading Turtle Arena 0.6 Released!

Reaction Beta 1

The first beta standalone release of Reaction, an ioquake3-based Action Quake 2-styled game is now available. Previously, Reaction required a full install of Quake 3: Arena to play. If you’ve never played Action Quake 2, you should know that it was in the style of your favorite realistic action movies. Guns akimbo, headshots, ridiculous trick… Continue reading Reaction Beta 1


If you’re interested in the Doom 3 source code release, check out iodoom3.