Legacy and M1 macOS ioquake3 support

LAN game with the latest ioquake3 Legacy Universal 1 Build using a
2014 MacBook Pro, a 2009 Mac mini, and a 2007 MacBook (32-bit)

macOS now has two kinds of Universal Binaries. The first were from the mid-2000’s when Apple started their transition from the PowerPC platform to Intel. The second are for Apple’s transition from Intel’s 64bit x86 platform to Apple’s in-house ARM-based Apple Silicon processors.

If you visit our Downloads page you will now find two new kinds of test builds for the Mac platform: Legacy Universal 1 Build and Universal 2 Build. Developer Tom Kidd has made ioquake3 downloads available for both of these platforms, with an important note for M1 and other modern Macs, but let’s start with PowerPC support on our legacy builds.

The Legacy Universal 1 Build was built on an older Mac mini running Snow Leopard 10.6That build supports both Intel Macs (32-bit and 64-bit) and PowerPC Macs! This should let players keep going with some of the oldest hardware that ever ran Quake 3.

Thank you to Tom Kidd for enabling that support again.

The Universal 2 Build is designed to support Intel Macs (64-bit) and Apple Silicon Macs running the new M1 processor. This support is new, so please send any feedback you might have with any issues you may encounter.

The Universal 2 Build is now properly signed and notarized, so you will see a prompt asking if you’re sure you want to open it but it will not be necessary to authorize it via the Security & Privacy preferences.