Calling all content creators!

Work has started on “baseio“, a project to create a small game to include with the ioquake3 engine download with Creative Commons licensed content. Work has already been started on textures, weapon models, and aΒ player model, but there is still much to be done. Animations, mapping, and audio are most needed, but if there’s anything you can contribute, join the discussion. Any content contributed must be under a Creative Commons nonccommercial-by-sharealike license. The ioquake3 code base and any contributed code will remain GPL. We also need some people who have lead mods before since we’ve run out of beer so now we’re too sober to know what to do.

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  1. couple of things
    1. why not move efforts over to iodoom 3 instead and build from there?
    2. will this new game have a graphical interface to putting new games together or will it be all code?
    3.wil this be another arena shooter or will it be a single player game or both?

  2. Earl:
    1. This is the ioquake3 project and though we’re also doing iodoom3, ioquake3 is further along and more interesting as a multiplayer shooter engine.
    2. We’re talking about creating content for new players and new content creators to work with so they have somewhere to start when they get ioquake3 without purchasing the original Quake 3: Arena game. Right now when you first install ioquake3 from this website you have nothing to play without either buying Quake 3: Arena.
    3. One of my favorite mods is a recreation of the original tank-combat game for the Atari from an overhead perspective, but ioquake3 is an arena shooter engine. You can make other things with it but it doesn’t make sense to demonstrate without an Arena shooter.

  3. Purpose
    What is the purpose of baseioq3? There have been “create freely licensed content for an open source game engine” projects before, but often they don’t get far – I believe because of lack of focus.

    Is the goal to provide a small playable basis for modders? Demonstrating “the unique features of ioquake3”? (What are they?) OpenArena’s content can’t be used for that because of its style?

    WIP Model
    The model is pleasantly low-poly-looking. πŸ™‚ Who is working on it?

    Is the license choice definite? There are drawbacks like not being compatible with Debian’s licensing requirements and OpenGameArt and I would strongly recommend to use CC BY SA 3.0 (approved by both) instead.

    I was told on #ioquake3about Zeus Arena but you have the power to release the same product for cheaper or free at any point, so there’s nothing ‘lost’.

    There’s an entertaining set of sounds available as FPS placeholders. Perhaps you’d like to play that joke. πŸ™‚

    The wiki page speaks of “unique maps”. There are actually a few freely licensed level source files available. What are “zoo”-style maps?

    Where can we send the beer? πŸ™‚

  4. Creative commons artists are stretched thin as it is without working on *yet another* arena shooter. We have a billion and one already, just use their assets. If this project is not adding anything new to the open source game scene I don’t see the point of wasting my time on it.

    I thought for a moment you might actually be doing something interesting with this engine, instead you’re asking us to help you reinvent the wheel. is your friend.

  5. Is anyone interested then, since there are indeed WAY too many arena games – is anyone interested in a CoD4/MW2 clone? NO not the exact same game – THINK – MW2 WITH mod tools, ability to skin, add guns, make own killstreak rewards. Think GALACTIC WARFARE mod, etc.

    Think total conversions of MW2 IF they gave us tools – that’s what I want. See my name link to see our other project.

    If you have heard of AlterIWnet, that is a project by one of us, as well.

  6. Do you have art direction? If not, do you want suggestions of art direction? What kind of theme do you want it to have?

    Do you have a repository for textures? Have you looked at creating texture/asset packs to ensure that levels don’t look completely different?

    Do you have a more verbose, itemized list of what you want? I might edit your discussion page on the wiki with what I think you will find that you will need.

    What interest do you currently have? I see you have someone beginning a model.

    How do you plan on having a feature zoo level? What features do you actually have that can show this? Things that the player doesn’t see, like vorbis audio, don’t work. As most of the changes are engine changes, I don’t see how this is possible. Unless you have players going around reading plaques that say “the audio here is vorbis coming out of an ogg container…”

    Do you want it to look like quake 3? Do you want to push it a bit further (ie, poly limits and texture sizes)? Do you want to scatter art assets around the map (like most other games), or do you want to have levels built entirely in radiant?

    Do you have a skeleton/base model/scale box/other reference material?

    After reading the other comments, I think you need to build it up a bit more if you want to get more interest. Have a look at some of the popular kick-starter pages and have a look at writing up something like that.

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