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  1. I would like a 128×128 px version with transparency to use on rocketdock. but I cant’ get it without the checkerboard transparency effect already in the rasterised image.

  2. If you click the link I posted in the second comment, there are three attachments. One of them is titled “quake3logo.xcf”. If you download it (and rename it? … it looks like the extension changed) and open it with the GIMP, all of the original layers and stuff are there. That should be sufficient for getting the sizes and backgrounds you want.

  3. I made this into a Mac .icns file for my own use (with 256×256 and smaller versions as I don’t ever have icons go as big as 512). To use it go to the ioquake3.app, right-click and choose “Show Package Contents”, then navigate to \Contents\Resources and replace the ioquake3.icns file there with this file http://carboxymoron.com/stuff/ioquake3.icns

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