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High-Resolution Creative Commons Texture Replacement Pack

Posted on August 24th, 2010 by TimeDoctor

Looking for a graphical update to Quake 3?

Check out this new texture pack from Paul Marshall (aka Kpax).

It replaces the original textures in Quake 3 with high-resolution versions, and it is licensed under the creative commons!

Download now: (179MB)

Unzip this file to your baseq3 directory, note that pure servers will need to have the file as well.

35 Responses to “High-Resolution Creative Commons Texture Replacement Pack”

  1. clownfart Says:

    Any screen shots?

  2. Udi Says:

    More screenshots on Kpax’ site. The CC license is the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.

  3. ZTurtleMan Says:

    Website (click banner for images)

    To be specific it is license under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported

    Personally I dislike CC-NoDerivs, because it prevents modification…

  4. kpax Says:

    I added a gallery to show them off – Try the slideshow πŸ™‚

  5. Wotan Says:

    Nice textures! For screenshots i recommend you take them at fullscreen for better lightning, and with default fov.

    9 more, @1920×1080:

  6. uZu Says:

    Some really good work has been done here, and the XCSV game too seems quite nice, it’s just quite a deception to see that no source code is available (whereas it seems, based on the ReadMe/xcsv-COPYING.txt file, that this game is distributed under the GPL) and that the ND clause has been choosen for the textures; a SA clause would have been a lot more valuable IMHO

  7. uZu Says:

    oops… by “deception” I meant “disappointment” (I’m french…)

  8. ElPadrino Says:

    Would be a great candidate for openarena (that urgently needs some better textures) if it was gpl

  9. Ansa89 Says:

    Great job!
    I have only a question: this pack contains the same maps (more detailed) that I can found into original q3a?

  10. kpax Says:

    uZu – code will come soon πŸ™‚ just as soon as I hit official release and its not beta anymore. keep an eye on the website, which is currently being made.
    ElPardrio – just drop the pk3 in your base and you have the textures, so no need for GPL really.

  11. RawShark Says:

    Well done, good stuff. About time someone did this for Q3 πŸ™‚ Now, some high res weapons models and ammo boxes would be nice…..

  12. TimeDoctor Says:

    This pack does not contain any maps. Just textures (the bits that cover them)

  13. Tobis87 Says:

    Awesome! These textures are properly done.
    But I still search for textures for quake ii, which are not as overdone as these .

  14. ElPadrino Says:

    kpax – The problem is almost all servers on open arena have pure set to 1

  15. kpax Says:

    Thanks guys for the nice comments! If I had the time, I would like to do weapons and models etc. Elpadrino – encourage server admins to install them? xD

  16. Frank Baier Says:

    Paul, you did a excellent job.

    Quake 3 Arena (ioQuake3) looks so amazing.

    Keep up the good work.



  17. Frank Baier Says:

    Hey Paul,
    I also found this kind of Quake 3 Arena Sources,
    also a Quake 2 source (@Tobias87):

    Quake 2:

    Quake 3 Sources for Paul: (Chili Quake XXL) (Q3A Hi-Res Renders) (Quake 3 Arena with Bloom) (Another Texture Pack) (Metal Tech 2.0 Source)

    Perhaps this sources will help you Paul with your work.
    Keep up the great work ioQuake3 Team.



  18. Berserker Says:

    Kpax, nice job!
    Did you want to create height-, specular- and normal-maps?
    It will be useful for ppl engines, such as q3bers and xreal.
    Some shots from q3bers:

  19. kpax Says:

    Nice one Berserker! They look pretty cool. I wont have the time to create height maps n stuff at the moment, but if someone else wanted to do that I wouldn’t object. I’m usually on Quakenet IRC in #xcsv or in the ioquake3 IRC chat room.
    Thanks for the info and feedback Frank!!

  20. NitroX Says:


  21. Frank Baier Says:

    Hey Paul,

    I did a fast screenshot of ioQuake 3 with your textures.
    Perhaps you’ll have a look at

    I’m working at better pics of ioQuake 3.

    Thanks again for your work.

    Kind Regards,


  22. Captain Redbeard Says:

    The project links are broken.

    Also agree that a CC-BY-SA license would have been better. With it they could even be distributed in Linux distributions.

  23. GrosBedo Says:

    Very nice work indeed !

    Kpax, about what ElPadrino said, of course your pack can (and will probably) be used on servers that include it, but if you’d put it as GPL and provide the sources, your work could even be directly integrated into OpenArena and possibly other opensource games derived from ioquake3 (like World Of Padman, Warsow or Smoking Guns).

    Keep up the good work !

  24. Linux partition question - Page 10 - - Says:

    […] they have created in the past. Did I mention Q3 has been modded to Hi-Res with a single, simple texture replacement pk3 file? or now has 10K maps? or that even 11 year old vanilla Q3 still commands $20 US? That's […]

  25. Flasher907 Says:

    GPL is not recommended for media like textures, icons, etc. Creative Commons is more appropriate.

    I too would love to see these textures packaged for Fedora/Ubuntu.

    It would be nice to find some of the best community made Quake 3 maps and convince the authors to release them under an appropriate license that could also be packaged for Fedora/Ubuntu as “unofficial” map packs.

  26. Lgls Says:

    Textures are great.
    Man i fucking love you.

  27. wirehack7 Says:

    It won’t run:
    FS_FOpenFileRead: NULL ‘file’ parameter passed

    Dunno why?

  28. kpax Says:

    Sorry the gallery links have been broken for some time! Gallery here:

  29. Anon Says:

    I unzipped the file into my baseq3 folder.. I am running Unbuntu ioquake3, and I dont
    see a difference, is there anything else I am suppose to do?

  30. lowenz Says:

    This beautiful pack doesn’t work with IOQuake3+Team Arena!
    No problem with IOQUAke3+standard Quake 3.
    Anyone has a solution?

  31. QUAKEPC Says:

    I’m looking for this- where the Quake 3 Arena looks like Quake 2. I believe even the players
    had same kinds as Q2 and many of same sounds and weapons looked rather indentical to Q2’s.

    If anyone can find this- I’d be VERY happy!

  32. samdark Says:

    QUAKEPC, in 2006 I’ve remodelled two Q2 models for Q3 (armor shard and quad damage):

  33. MK Says:

    I already have that on my Quake 3 Arena. Hi Res! I play the Russian Quake 3 Edition.. Even the audio is in Russian!
    Samdark- I still wanna ty. However- I am looking for the Quake 2 Skins FOR Quake 3 Arena. I thought I found them , but maybe I misread. It MUSt be out there. You can get Q1 skins for Q2 and Q3 Skins for Q2.. I want Q2 skins for Q3 Arena.[Impossible to FIND??)

  34. Rene Pante Says:


  35. MK Says:

    Time to hide myself back in Quake III for awhile!

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