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ioquake3 (kwaak3) on the Droid & G1

Posted on May 11th, 2010 by TimeDoctor

Via Thunderbird’s excellent kwaak3 ioquake3 spin-off, I just tried out ioquake3 on a borrowed Verizon Droid (Motorola Milestone). I’ve also tried kwaak3 on a donated T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream):

it is truly amazing that ioquake3 can run well on these platforms, not just for first-person-shooters or doom clones, but for new kinds of games to have a stable engine for many, many platforms.

5 Responses to “ioquake3 (kwaak3) on the Droid & G1”

  1. 8bitprodigy Says:

    Cool, but how does one go about compiling C/C++ to Android? The dev site goes over java, and no other language, because I wanted to port cube to Android if it hasn’t been done yet. Excellent work, btw, TB!

  2. Necror Says:

    why is the 1st image mirrored?

  3. TimeDoctor Says:

    Hey there, it is mirrored because Photobooth, the application I took the picture with, mirrors images by default.

  4. sashko Says:

    Can anyone point me to some resources about android c++ development? It seems like a very useful untapped resource.

  5. David W Says:

    @sashko, Is what I used. 🙂

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