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___ running RQ3

Posted on March 1st, 2009 by TimeDoctor (graciously donated by our friends at EscapedTurkey!) is now running my favorite Quake 3 mod, RQ3. You can find a mirror of the files for the mod here.


4 Responses to “ running RQ3”

  1. Monk Says:

    Thanks zakk! I hope people will have fun testing RQ3 out on ioquake3!

  2. xobor Says:

    It’s great! But I’m most interested gamin’ with the old True Combat 1.3 mod for (io)Quake3. 😉

  3. Zachary Says:

    I liked the True Combat as well! Shame they chose the wrong engine to go standalone with…

  4. Mantra6 Says:

    Yeah! There are a bunch of us who are serious RQ3 aficionados, and we appreciate the partnership with the RQ3 team.

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