ioquake3 news

  • OpenArena 0.7.0

    Go check it out!

  • Quake 3 Models

    As a treat for serious Quake 3 fans, we’ve got a dump of all the old polycount Q3 models here. Enjoy.

  • Cel-shading added to patches page

    Thanks to Jordi Prats Catala & Guillermo Miranda Alamo, ioquake3 now has cel-shading available for authors. Check out the patches page for the details.

  • World of Padman + ioquake3 released!

    Also today, no joke, we’ve got another game using ioquake3 to go standalone, World of Padman.

  • Urban Terror 4, with ioquake3

    Urban Terror has gone stand-alone, with ioquake3. Enjoy 🙂

  • Did you know about? MD4/R Support

    When we got Elite Force support from Thilo, we also got support for the MDR format used by EF’s models. MDR is apparently equivalent to MD4. You can make MDR models in Milkshape.

  • New Home!

    Hey, we love, but now you can check us out via too!

  • ioquake3 in Gentoo Updated

    If you emerge quake3 in Gentoo, you’ll now get ioquake3 1.34 rc2!

  • Tarball for packagers!

    If you want to go ahead and package rc2 for your operating system, unofficially (as in, not blessed by us), go ahead! tarbz2ball zip file. Note that the latest changes are still in the trunk of the project, not in this rc2 branch. So game developers should continue to use the trunk as they like.

  • Did you know about Elite Force support?

    One of the projects which we’re really proud of is Thilo Schulz’s Elite Force patch set. Thilo’s Elite Force is an amazing accomplishment, reverse engineered support for the game’s multiplayer that is even compatible with the original game!