Being open source, this project has a volume of patches submitted meant to improve it as a whole. Unfortunately, not all patches are great fits for this project or cannot yet be included due to technical reasons. Because of that, we provide this area with information on patches that can be applied against this project to add features or solve wishes. If you have a patch which you realize isn’t a good fit for ioquake3 in general, but might benefit others who use ioquake3 as a base for their new game, submit it to the ioquake3 mailing list.

Title Owner Purpose Reason for Denial
MP3 Support Thilo Schulz This patch allows MP3-encoded sounds to be decoded by the engine and used in mods. Ogg Vorbis is much better suited to this task.
MP3 offers lower quality compression and quality and has potential for licensing issues.
Because of these, plus the extra work required to maintain MP3 support, this
is being left out of the official tree.
EliteForce Holomatch Thilo Schulz With this patch you can build a binary that is suited to run Raven Software’s Star Trek Voyager:
Elite Force Holomatch. This means it only supports multiplayer games, not singleplayer.
To enable, compile with #define ELITEFORCE (default when you use Makefile based build process).
The resulting binary will be incompatible to Quake3.
Includes MP3 support patch.
Patch applies against revision 1270, other revisions may conflict.
For more info see the README of
this project.
EliteForce is a separate game and thus outside the scope of ioquake3’s goals.
Cel-shading Jordi Prats Catala & Guillermo Miranda Alamo This patch brings cel-shading to ioquake3. Apply from the code directory with -p1 Cel-shading is perfect for authors to add to their own games using this patch.