If there isn’t a solution for the problem you ran into on this page, please try asking on our forums or in our live chat channel.

Something isn’t working right!

Please upgrade to a test build.

I’m getting an error that says “User Interface is version 3, expected 6”

You need to install the patch data.

I’m getting some Sys_Error thing about a pak0.pk3, wtf?!?

You haven’t installed the pak0.pk3 from the Quake 3: Arena Disc or Steam, you still need to buy Quake 3: Arena to play that game.

Where are config, save, and other personal files stored?

  • Mac OS X: /Users/YOURNAME/Library/Application Support/Quake3/
  • Windows XP: C:\documents and settings\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\application data\quake3
  • Windows VIsta: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Quake3
  • Linux: ~/.q3a/

How do I enable Voice-Over-IP?


  • Install a test build of ioquake3.
  • Make sure your network settings are set to broadband.
  • +set s_useOpenAL 1
  • \bind q “+voiprecord”
  • Hook up a microphone, connect to a VoIP-supporting server. (, for example)
  • hold down ‘q’ key and talk.

If all else fails, read the VOIP README.

How do I set a non-standard, widescreen, or HD resolution?

You’re in luck, not only do we have instructions for setting a non-standard resolution, but in HD modes we will display Quake 3 more properly than id’s last version. You can find out your screen resolution from this link. For an older macbook, I’d use these commands in the console:

  • /r_mode -1
  • /r_customheight 800
  • /r_customwidth 1280

then if I’m in-game I would use /vid_restart to restart ioquake3’s video system with the new display resolution.
If I want the game to be fullscreen you can use the /r_fullscreen 1 command. To set it back to windowed mode you can change the 0 to a 1 /r_fullscreen 0

Note that the in-game video preferences will not list your new resolution.

Why can’t I run Team Arena or the Mission Pack?!?!?!

Did you buy Team Arena? It comes with some modern versions of Quake 3, but most people who just have Quake 3, don’t have Team Arena (which is the same as the mission pack).

To install Team Arena, copy the pak0.pk3 from the missionpack directory on your cd-rom to the missionpack directory under your ioquake3 directory.

I can’t bring down the console with the ` or the ~!

This is due to a yet to be resolved issue for which we have a funky solution. Press the Shift and Escape keys at the same time, this will bring down the console on any system.

Will you guys remove the CD-key check?

This is literally the only frequenty asked question we get, and it’s starting to wear on us. No, we will not be removing the CD-key check. The Quake III: Arena game is not free, and you must purchase a CD or buy it from Steam to play it. Don’t let this confuse you, the engine is open source, and is absolutely 100% free. If someone makes a new game based on the source code that does not use the pay-for game data, they of course don’t need to and should not require a CD key in their game.

So you say you don’t have PunkBuster, where can I get it?

No really, ioquake3 will not work with PunkBuster. There are no workarounds, play with your friends on well-administered servers. PunkBuster is closed source software and all the hooks for it were removed from Quake 3 before the source was released to the public.

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