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Download ioquake3

The Quake 3 engine is open source, this does not mean that Quake III: Arena the game is free. You must purchase the game to use the data, or make your own game!

There are three methods of installation. The preferred way is to use an official installer. Note that just as before, you can use a Quake 3: Arena CD-ROM from any version of Quake 3 (Windows, Linux, Gold, etc) to get the needed pak0.pk3. You can also copy your pak0.pk3 and CD key from a Steam installation.

If you want the absolute latest ioquake3 technology, you can try a test build or check out how to build ioquake3 from source.

We have provided installers for the most popular platforms ioquake3 supports. These have been tested, and if they do not work you can report bugs to us about them.