Donations to ioquake3 go to support the various costs that keep ioquake3 running. For example:

  • $214.80 every two years for web hosting
  • $40 every year for domain registration renewal

These fees are currently passed directly onto a personal credit card, as our donations do not come close to equalling the costs of operating this project.
Ultimately, it would be our goal to fully incorporate as a non-profit and pay one or more developers full-time to develop updates to ioquake3 and bring on artists and level designers to help create a stand-alone game under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license. With this standalone game we could demonstrate this engine on many new platforms and enable new games to be created without having to start from Quake 3: Arena which is currently only available on Windows via Steam.
We are not yet a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
You can donate online via PayPal using a credit card